"When a woman stays at home and cooks with good judgment and understanding, peace and happiness result. She thus controls the family's health and destiny, also her husband's mood, disposition and feeling, and assures the futures of her children." - Jaques DeLangre

Monday, February 7, 2011

Even Happier In The Kitchen!!

When I started this blog my desire was to help women find joy and satisfaction in the kitchen. I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where we gather naturally as a family. If mama is happy in her kitchen everything else seems to just run better!

My last post was all about herbs and my gratitude for them. Look back at the picture of my herb cupboard. There are bottles and bags full of my favorite herbs. I expressed my pleasure at being able to care for my family's basic medical needs using these herbs.

I am excited to report that I have hardly touched an herb or used a tincture since the end of October! I haven't had ONE CUP of peppermint infusion (tea) or slathered on any St. John's oil either!

Have I changed my mind and started using pharmaceuticals? NOPE! I have discovered essential oils! Actually discovered is the wrong word. I started using a few essential oils about a year ago. I bought several from the health food store and used them here and there, but I always felt disappointed that they didn't do just what the books and websites I read said they would.

In October an amazing string of events lead me to a doTERRA essential oils class. I walked in to the class very sceptically. The woman teaching the class taught that a certain combination of oils could help heal depression. As I sat there listening the Spirit bore a strong witness to my heart that my family needed these oils.


My herb cupboard is now my oils cupboard. I use oils every day that DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL! They are so pure that you can ingest them! Even little kids can take them internally. I got out the old bottles I bought at the health food store and read the labels. They all say not to ingest them! They all say they are 100% pure. If they are really 100% pure why do some of them advise you to seek medical attention if you swallow them?

I love my new oils! We really do use them every day. They have greatly added to my happiness and my confidence that I can be a healer in my own home!

Every time I find something great I just can't help but want to share it! I would love for you to experience these oils for yourself. My friend Tamara is opening her home for a class that teaches you how to use the oils and be your own family physician. Cherie Burton, the amazing woman who first taught me, will also be there to answer your personal questions about health issues your family is experiencing. I am going to help with the class as well. We are holding it on February 15th at 7PM. Everyone who comes will leave with a free sample bottle of one of the oils and the confidence that you can use doTERRA oils to heal in your home!

I can't wait to see you there!

Please email me for the address for the class.


  1. I still like to make my herb tea, but I have been using oils a lot too. What oils are you talking about for depression?

  2. I love drinking a warm mug of herb tea! I think I'm just impatient. It takes 20 minutes to brew a pot of peppermint tea and then it needs to cool a little. It only takes a few seconds to rub a drop of peppermint oil on my head and neck. One drop of oil is as strong as 28 cup of peppermint tea! When I feel a headache coming on I reach for the oil every time!

    The oils for depression have been a blessing in our home! There are several we use. I would love to tell you about them. Email me your phone number and I'll call you!


  3. I truly wish I could be there for that class! Our next visit down won't be until April so maybe we can talk more about the oils then? Glad to see you posting! Talk to you soon :) Lots of love to you and the family!

  4. So, you are ingesting the essential oils that warn you not to? My husband has put peppermint oil in his tea before without any negative side effects. I have always been too scared, but intrigued.

  5. Rae - I can't wait until April!

    Anonymous - When I was buying oils from the health food store I was not ingesting them. I used oils topically and ingested teas and tinctures, etc. One day I looked on my bottle of wintergreen oil - an herbalist told me it was good to use topically for pain - and it said NOT to use it topically. I felt really frustrated! doTERRA wintergreen is wonderful for pain! No worries about topical aplication. It is not suggested for internal use, but if a kid got into it accidentaly he would be okay.

    I love doTERRA peppermint oil! 100% safe to ingest! I put 3-5 drops of it in a capsul and swallow it for an upset tummy. Works wonders!