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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raw Milk Safety

The Story

I was over at my friend's house the other night picking up some their delicious RAW MILK. I was talking and laughing with my friend when their 10 year old came into the kitchen and said to her husband, "Dad, Peter (name has been changed) next door says we shouldn't drink our milk because it'll make us sick. He said his mom told him it's not clean." My friend and her husband handled the situation with grace and style. They didn't get upset, they just confirmed to him that everything was okay. I was fuming inside, though! I wanted to march over to the neighbor's house and set his mama straight! I've been stewing over it for a while now and I just had to post about it.

I truly believe that raw milk is clean and safe! I love the fresh taste of it and I love knowing that it is alive and REAL! Not dead, devoid of enzymes and two or three weeks old.

I found a few great links in defense of raw milk that I think you will really enjoy reading.

Link 1
Link 2

Thanks for letting me vent!


  1. I know I use to think that way about raw milk, but once I educated myself I discovered how wrong I was. I never liked milk before raw milk, and now I do. In fact, I dare say I love it. Mostly because I know how healthy it is.

  2. When I inform people that when I drink pasturized milk I go into shock and have difficulty breathing but when I drink raw milk I feel great and it is healing me of a serious illness, people are so much more receptive to the idea and ask me where I get it. Pasturized milk is plain dangerous!